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Electricity poles in the sunset

One in five Australians lack ‘basic’ electricity protections against issues such as disconnections during heatwaves

5 February 2024

Remote and Indigenous communities are disproportionately energy insecure, with inequities to become more apparent due to climate change.

There’s a Way to Quit Coal Without Wrecking Jobs and Communities

8 December 2023

Avoiding a chaotic energy transition requires cooperation from fossil fuel interests and compromise from climate activists.
Solar cells on roof at ANU

ANU researchers working on ways for ACT to meet its emission target 'suburb by suburb'

7 December 2023

A team of researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) is on a mission to work out exactly how the ACT Government can arrive at its vision for net-zero emissions by 2045.


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Aus-China Decarbonisation Roundtable: Steel, Hydrogen, and Battery Minerals

3pm 4 Aug 2022
ACBC WA and ANU are pleased to present the Australia-China Decarbonisation Roundtable: Green steel, hydrogen and battery minerals

Aus-China Decarbonisation Roundtable: Hydrogen & Economic Diversification

1–4.15pm 23 Nov 2022
Join a thought-provoking roundtable that will explore existing and future collaboration between Australia and China on decarbonisation.

ACBC & ANU Australia-China Decarbonisation Roundtable

10am–4.30pm 19 Apr 2023
3 sessions, 15 content experts and 1 global keynote discussing decarbonisation across Hydrogen, Ammonia, Renewables and Critical Minerals.
Indonesia-Australia Energy Transition Forum - Session 1

Indonesia-Australia Energy Transition Forum

9am–12.45pm 3 Nov 2023
Join the inaugural Indonesia-Australian Energy Transition Forum to discuss the decarbonisation pathways available to Australia and Indonesia as both countries transition energy sectors.
Clean energy and commodity exports as an opportunity for fossil fuel rich economies

ANU at COP28: Clean energy and commodity exports as an opportunity for fossil fuel rich economies

4.45–6.15pm 4 Dec 2023
This COP28 side event led by the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) in partnership with the Iran Renewable Energy Association (IrREA) will discuss energy transitions in fossil fuel exporting countries. 
Hydrogen as a pathway to decarbonisation: What can Australia supply?

ANU at COP28: Hydrogen as a pathway to decarbonisation - What can Australia supply?

2.30–3.30pm 5 Dec 2023
This COP28 side event hosted by the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) will discuss the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation and its implications for Australia.