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Membership of the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) is open to academics (including Visiting Fellows), PhD students, and professional staff who are involved in climate change, energy transition or disaster-risk science related research and education at the ANU. 

ICEDS acts as an entry point for anyone who’s interested in finding out about climate change, energy transition or disaster-risk related research and education at the ANU. Our membership comprises nearly 600 academics, PhD students and professional staff whose work touches on the three areas of climate change, the energy transition, and disaster-risk science.   

We draw on the wealth of ANU scholars' collective expertise and connect that knowledge base with governments, industry, the media, the Canberra community, and the general public. We’re also focussed on building and supporting a collaborative community of all involved in climate change, energy and disaster-risk related work from every part of the national university. 

If you’re not an ANU staff member or research student and would like to keep up to date with ICEDS, subscribe to our mailing list (via bottom of ICEDS Homepage) or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.   


Membership benefits include:

  • Profiling of your research activities via our programs, networks, website, social media and events. 
  • Opportunities to engage in wider research and professional collaborations within the University through a community of practice. 
  • Additional research funding opportunities particularly for interdisciplinary teams. 
  • Educational opportunities through delivering undergraduate, postgraduate and professional short courses on climate change, the energy transition, and disaster preparedness and response. 
  • Attracting students through the Institute's education and communications programs. 
  • Access to wider information and networks through newsletters, seminar series, public events, hosting outside visitors, roundtable discussions and informal meetings. 
  • Media training and profiling opportunities for you and your students’ research. 

How to join

Membership is only open to ANU academics (including Visiting Fellows), staff and research students

Submit the form on this page or email with this information:

  • A short biography / list of relevant research interest or link to an existing bio on ANU website.
  • A recent photo or link to one.
  • A list of research clusters in which you should be included.
  • A list of key words representing your research interests.
  • A list of research interests (using keywords that people might search for).
  • If you are a PhD student, the date you started your PhD.

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