Professional short courses

The ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions regularly delivers short professional courses on recent advances in climate science, the energy transition, and disaster-risk science. We explain the social, policy, economic and governance aspects of these areas for policy makers and professionals. We also provide briefings on request.

A typical course comprises several sessions, with each topic presented by a leading ANU expert in the field. They can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience, and can be scheduled over consecutive days or spread over weeks.

We also regularly conduct briefings for parliamentarians, policymakers and government departments on a wide range of climate related topics. Our members frequently appear as speakers at industry forums and conferences throughout Australia and internationally.

Please contact us about briefing your organisation.

Short course and briefing samples

Energy Essentials - November »

We've tailored this course for professionals across government and industry who are interested in the energy transition and who seek a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in energy technology, economics and policy.
A photograph of a plane's shadow on top of a forest.

Climate Essentials: Climate change mitigation via removal of atmospheric greenhouse gases »

9am 23 August 2021
This short course has been designed for professionals who want to learn about the options Australia has for deploying NETs. It will cover why NETs are important, the technologies and practices available, as well as considerations for the implementation of NETs including communication and governance.
A photograph of a firetruck driving ahead of a billowing cloud of smoke.

Climate Essentials - November  »

9am 22 November 2021
This short course has been designed for professionals who want to gain an overview of the latest developments around climate change. It will cover both the science of climate change and policy responses across a range of sectors.