The Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) comprises academic staff and postgraduate research students from all seven Colleges of the University, bringing the total complement to almost 500 researchers.


Advisory Committees

The ICEDS Internal Advisory Committee provides input to the ICEDS Executive from across the University and includes the following members:

  • Professor Nerilie Abram (Research School of Earth Sciences) with Professor Andy Hogg (Research School of Earth Sciences) as alternate
  • Professor Kylie Catchpole (Research School of Electrical, Energy and Materials Engineering) with Dr Marnie Shaw (Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program) as alternate
  • Dr Rebecca Colvin (Crawford School of Public Policy) with Dr Rebecca Pearse (Fenner School of Environment and Society; School of Sociology) as alternate
  • Emeritus Professor Steve Dovers (Fenner School of Environment and Society) with Associate Professor Barry Croke (Fenner School of Environment and Society) as alternate
  • Dr Christian Downie (School of Regulation and Global Governance) with Dr Emma Aisbett (School of Regulation and Global Governance) as alternate
  • Dr Will Grant (Centre for the Public Awareness of Science) with Dr Chris Cvitanovic (Centre for the Public Awareness of Science) as alternate
  • Professor Jamie Pittock (Fenner School of Environment and Society) with Dr Paul Wyrwoll (Crawford School of Public Policy) as alternate
  • Professor Adrian Shepherd (Research School of Physics) with Dr Siva Karuturi (School of Engineering) as alternate
  • Professor Katie Steele (Centre for Philosophy of the Sciences) with Dr Jessie Moritz (Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies) as alternate
  • Professor Sotiris Vardoulakis (National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health) with Associate Professor Aparna Lal (Research School of Population Health) as alternate

We are in the process of formulating our new External Advisory Committee, which will feature a range of high-level external stakeholders, who contribute to the success of ICEDS by providing complementary expertise to the Internal Advisory Committee and increase the visibility of the Institute with external stakeholders.