Make an original contribution to human knowledge, research and development with a postgraduate research degree in climate change, the energy transition, or managing disaster risks.

Climate change is one of the most important and complex problems encountered by humankind, and a challenge which crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries. ANU has a particularly broad spread of researchers covering multiple dimensions of climate change, the energy transition, and disaster risk science, and our Institute's members constitute over 500 researchers from across university.

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Game Change Supplementary Scholarship supporting climate change research

Are you looking to explore your ideas about how to address the climate crisis through a PhD, but are concerned about the associated expenses?

The Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions (ICEDS) is offering a supplementary scholarship to support the emerging generation of bright PhD scholars from rural and remote areas of Australia, and Pacific Island countries, to contribute to game-changing climate change research, adaption and mitigation outcomes.

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