The Hydrogen Fuels program focuses on creating the expert technical, socio-economic and geopolitical knowledge for Australia to become a leading exporter of zero-emissions hydrogen.

This program examines the opportunity for Australia to realise a new high-value export stream in the form of renewable metal refining, with emphasis on refining of iron ore to produce ‘green steel’.

The Renewable Energy Systems program aims to understand the geopolitical, economic and technological drivers needed to ensure the successful trade in renewable electricity.

This program focuses on First Nations benefit in the transition to low and zero emissions technologies in Northern Australia.

This program focuses on policy and governance approaches best able to facilitate the adoption and use of renewable energy in Asia-Pacific countries.

This program focusses on law and policy to support expansion of resilient and sustainable Indo-Pacific supply chains based on renewable energy. Key topics include certification, embedded emissions accounting, international green industrial policy, and investment treaties.