The ANU Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge initiative aims to push the frontiers that will help future-proof the way Australia trades with the world based on the Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources.

In the shift towards a net zero emissions world economy there will be fundamental shifts in energy supply, and production and trade of energy intensive commodities. Australia supplies large amounts of fossil fuel energy and mining products to Asia. A new export model is needed: one that makes a major contribution to meeting the region’s growing energy and resource needs, with zero carbon emissions. Australia is well positioned for these opportunities.

Australia supporting the energy transition in the Asia-Pacific region

We combine ANU expertise in energy technology, economics and social sciences, the Asia-Pacific and Indigenous issues in an inter-disciplinary research program. We create insights into technological, environmental, economic, social and policy dimensions of new zero-carbon energy based export industries. We aim for impact in business, policy and society.

The initiative consists of six interrelated programs:

The Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific initiative was established through an investment by ANU and is open to work with partners.


Dr Dharani Sabba, Program Manager