IPCC Pacific

Credit: Adam Sébire Seaweed farmer photo background with text on it  '7 years of climate science, what do the IPCC reports mean for the Pacific'

Pacific islands are extremely vulnerable to climate change but, if the world takes urgent, transformative action, we can minimise its impacts. 

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the global science body tasked with informing policymakers all over the world about climate change, its implications, risks and options for adaptation and mitigation. They have recently released the following reports:

Special Reports

This website contains a range of a range of tools including factsheets, media articles and videos designed to help make the findings of these reports accessible to decision-makers and communities in the Pacific.  

Contact: Please contact us via mahealani.delaney@anu.edu.au or solene.chretien@anu.edu.au to find out more about this project.