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We connect people with climate, energy & disaster-risk research from the Australian National University. Our goal is to advance innovative solutions to address climate change, energy system transitions and disasters. We facilitate integrated approaches to research, teaching and policy, industry and community engagement across disciplines. We also lead the ANU Below Zero Initiative, which is working to reduce the University's greenhouse gas emissions to below zero.

Our Institute consolidates and builds on the activities of the former ANU Climate Change Institute, Energy Change Institute, and Disaster Risk Science Institute.

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Disaster management leadership and policy making: a critical examination of communitarian and individualistic understandings of resilience and...

Many policy makers today accept that climate change poses substantial risks to human and natural systems and that effective adaptation is essential.

Research »

We study the effects of climate change, the energy transition, and disasters and their impacts on society and societal responses.

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What role will hydrogen play in our future? »

Can hydrogen live up to its pollution-free promise? And where and when will it find its niche in the global energy mi?
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What the ACT needs to do to get to zero emissions faster »

The ACT should buy more renewable electricity than it needs, hold reverse auctions to upgrade household heating and offer substantial subsidies to accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles, according to ANU researcher Andrew Blakers.

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