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We connect people with climate, energy & disaster-risk research from The Australian National University. Our goal is to advance innovative solutions to address climate change, energy system transitions and disasters. We facilitate integrated approaches to research, teaching and policy, industry and community engagement across disciplines. We also lead the ANU Below Zero Initiative in research, teaching and engagement. The initiative is working to reduce the University's greenhouse gas emissions to below zero.

Our Institute consolidates and builds on the activities of the former ANU Climate Change Institute, Energy Change Institute, and Disaster Risk Science Institute.

Major Initiatives: Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific (ZCEAP) »

The ANU Zero Carbon Energy for the Asia Pacific initiative aims to push the frontiers that will help future-proof the way Australia trades with the world, based on our abundant renewable energy resources.

Cumulonimbus cloud over Africa - via NASA

Cooling Earth by aerosol effects on shallow marine clouds

Seminar with ICEDS Visiting Fellow, Professor Daniel Rosenfeld - steering committee member of the Cyclogenesis Project, which investigates how Tropical Cyclone energy and impacts can be modified using aerosols using a novel simulation tool.
Image of speaker, Dr Oliver Geden

The challenge of integrating Carbon Dioxide Removal into ambitious climate policy

How can policymakers incentivize the timely upscaling of Carbon Dioxide Removal without undermining the priority of emission reductions? Seminar with Dr Oliver Geden.

Research »

We study the effects of climate change, the energy transition, and disasters and their impacts on society and societal responses.

Flooded Road

Climate change is forcing Australians to weigh up relocating. How do they make that difficult decision? »

Big environmental changes mean ever more Australians will confront the tough choice of whether to move home or risk staying put.
Cars up on hoists for maintenance

What would a vehicle efficiency standard for new cars cost – or save – Australian drivers? »

What should we really expect if Australia finally introduces fuel efficiency standards here – decades after the US and Europe?

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