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We connect people with climate, energy & disaster-risk research from The Australian National University. Our goal is to advance innovative solutions to address climate change, energy system transitions and disasters. We facilitate integrated approaches to research, teaching and policy, industry and community engagement across disciplines. We also lead the ANU Below Zero Initiative in research, teaching and engagement. The initiative is working to reduce the University's greenhouse gas emissions to below zero.

Our Institute consolidates and builds on the activities of the former ANU Climate Change Institute, Energy Change Institute, and Disaster Risk Science Institute.

Major Initiatives: Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific (ZCEAP) »

The ANU Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge initiative aims to push the frontiers that will help future-proof the way Australia trades with the world based on the Australia’s abundant renewable energy resources.


ANU Disaster Solutions Update: From Fires to Floods

How can we advance our approaches to preventing and responding to disasters, both in Australia and across the region?
Book cover of The Superpower Transformation edited by Ross Garnaut

In conversation with Ross Garnaut

Ross Garnaut will be in conversation with Frank Jotzo and Ligang Song on The Superpower Transformation: Building Australia's Zero-Carbon Future, which documents how Australia can become a leader in a world of zero net emissions.

Research »

We study the effects of climate change, the energy transition, and disasters and their impacts on society and societal responses.


Nearly 30% of Australia’s emissions come from industry. Tougher rules for big polluters is a no-brainer »

Australia’s historic climate law passed the Senate last week and enshrined an economy-wide target to reduce emissions. But an important measure to reduce Australia’s industrial emissions is still up for debate: the “safeguard mechanism”.
Photo of Distinguished Professor Xuemei Bai

How to stop cities and companies causing planetary harm »

What businesses and cities must do to stay within 'safe and just' environmental limits for carbon, water, nutrients, land and other natural resources is the subject of a new set of recommendations from Earth Commission experts, including Distinguished Professor Xuemei Bai from ANU.

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