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Professor Phil Cummins
A photograph of Phil Cummins, smiling and looking towards the camera.
Associate Professor Kim Cunio
A photograph of Kim Cunio, smiling and looking towards the camera.
Dr Ivana Damjanovic
Ms Kathryn Dan
Prof Katherine Daniell
Professor Hugh Davies
Mr Clem Davis
Dr Amy Dawel
Professor Patrick De Deckker
Quanling Deng
Professor Tim Denham
A photograph of Prof Tim Denham outside, looking towards the left of the camera.
Dr Priya Dev
Emeritus Professor Bob Dewar
Professor Roderick Dewar
Associate Professor Michael Djordjevic
Dr Thang Do
Adjunct Associate Professor Leo Dobes
Professor Stephen Dovers
Associate Professor Christian Downie
Emeritus Professor Peter Drahos
Emeritus Professor Peter Drysdale
Dr Annabel Dulhunty
Mr David Dumaresq
Emeritus Professor Ronald Duncan
Dr Caroline Eakin
Mr Bhiamie Eckford-Williamson
Associate Professor Benjamin Edwards
Professor Stephen Eggins
Dr Marwan El Hassan
Professor Rob Elliman