The relationship between climate change, energy and human security may have originated from supply chain risks in the delivery of energy products, but it now incorporates a broader set of issues, including the security and resilience of electricity supply systems, the implications of climate change for environmental and human security, the interaction of decarbonisation of the electricity grid and security of energy supplies, and the relationship between geopolitics, energy and security. Australia is at the centre of many of these policy issues as a major energy supplier located in the Asia-Pacific, which has the fastest growing demand for energy globally.

The Security cluster aims to lead the conversation on the complex interactions between climate change, energy supply, and demand and security in Australia, the Asia-Pacific, and further afield. The cluster is interdisciplinary with membership across the colleges of the Australian National University who actively collaborate with colleagues and partners from industry, government, policy and academia, within Australia, the region, and globally.

Research Topics

  • Fossil fuel supply chain resilience and energy security of supply
  • The security and resilience of electricity supply systems
  • Climate change mitigation, and human and environmental security  
  • Decarbonisation and energy security
  • Geopolitics, energy and security in the Asia Pacific