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Dr Thang Bui
Professor Paul Burke
Associate Professor Penelope Burns
A photograph of Penelope Burns outdoors, smiling and looking towards the camera.
Wolfram Buss
A photograph of Wolfram Buss, smiling and looking towards the camera.
Professor Colin Butler
Dr Gary Buttriss
Stephen Bygrave
Associate Professor Caitlin Byrt
A photograph of Caitlyn Byrt smiling and looking towards the camera.
Dr David Caldicott
Professor Alison Calear
Professor Vladimir Canudas Romo
A photograph of Vladimir Canudas Romo, smiling and looking towards the camera.
Dr George Carter
Sala (George) Carter
Professor Geoff Cary
Dr Ana Casas Ramos
Professor Kylie Catchpole
Emeritus Professor Bruce Chapman
Dr Sid Chau
Dr Wenting Cheng
Professor Nicolas Cherbuin
Professor Bruce Christensen
Associate Professor Sarah Clement
Dr Helen Adair Cleugh
Dr Tom Cliff
Dr Annie Colebatch
Dr Matthew Colloff
Associate Professor Bec Colvin
Dr Navid Constantinou
Dr Steven Cork
Associate Professor Cormac Corr
Professor Ben Corry