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Professor Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
Dr Aparna Lal
Professor Kurt Lambeck
Dr Rod Lamberts
Dr Greg Lane
Dr Naomi Langmore
Dr Nina Lazarevic
Professor Joan Leach
Dr Liana Leach
Dr Zoe Leviston
Dr Sophie Lewis
Dr Ziyuan Li
Jonathan Liljeblad
Professor David Lindenmayer
Professor Janette Lindesay
Professor Yun Liu
Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge
Dr Thomas Longden
Dr Adrian Lowe
Dr Bin Lu
Dr Yuerui Lu
Dr Robyn Lucas
Dr Daniel MacDonald
Professor Andrew Macintosh
Dr Andrew MacKenzie
Dr Emily Macleod
Dr Mona Mahani
Professor Sango Mahanty
A photograph of Sango Mahanty smiling and looking at the camera.
Dr Amrita Malhi
Dr Jennie Mallela