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Held in partnership with the Pacific Climate Change Centre based at SPREP, Prof Mark Howden, an IPCC Vice Chair presented the key findings of the Working Group I report for the Pacific before a panel discussion with Pacific climate experts

Making Pacific Climate Policy

The Pacific has been a global leader in innovative policymaking on climate, which has been reflected in the latest IPCC report.

In our latest Pacific Wayfinder episode, Salā Dr George Carter and Mahealani Delaney join Akka Rimon to discuss the importance of embedding traditional knowledge and the IPCC's latest recommendations in Pacific climate policies.

Released May 2023

Migrating with Dignity: A conversation with Anote Tong

"One is not deserving of leadership if they can not answer to their people. What are you doing on climate change?"

Former Kiribati President Anote Tong joins the Pacific Wayfinder to discuss the IPCC Synthesis Report and reflect on his own journey leading one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Join Akka Rimon and Jay Caldwell as they explore the Former President's time in office, his Migrating with Dignity policy and what can be done in response to the IPCC's report findings.

Released April 2023

Final Warning: What the last IPCC Report means for the Pacific

A final warning - the IPCC has released its landmark Synthesis Report for the AR6 reporting cycle, outlining the drastic action needed to be taken by the world to prevent the worse impacts of climate change.

But what does it mean for the Pacific?

In our latest vodcast, Prof Mark Howden, Vice Chair of the IPCC, and Pasha Carruthers, a Review Editor from the Cook Islands, break down the report's findings for the region with APSC's Prof Dave Peebles and Dr Henry Ivarature.

Released April 2023

In discussion with Prof Mark Howden & Dr George Carter 

A discussion on the key findings of the IPCC's Working Group II report between Professor Mark Howden, IPCC Vice Chair and Director of the Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions and Salā Dr George Carter, Research Fellow at the Department of Pacific Affairs, both at the Australian National University.

Released March 2022 

IPCC outreach in the Pacific: Highlights from the Physical Science Basis Report - August 2021

 This video includes commentary from Pacific decision-makers, experts and IPCC contributors on the IPCC's Working Group I report on the Physical Science Basis.

Released December 2021

Event Recording - The Physical Science Basis report

Recording from the event co-hosted by SPREP and ICEDS in August 2021. This even focused on the findings of the IPCC's previous report, The Physical Science Basis.

Released August 2021