Professor Vladimir Canudas Romo

Professor and Head
School of Demography

I hold a bachelor in actuarial Sciences and mathematics (UNAM, 1993-1997) and master in population studies (FLACSO, 1997-1999) both from Mexico. I received my PhD from a joint collaboration between University of Groningen (1999-2003) in the Netherlands, and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany. After that, I was awarded the Dewitt Wallace posdoctoral fellowship from Population Council to work at the Pennsylvania State University (2003-2005), USA. I worked as a research scientist (2005-2007) at the Department of Demography, University of California Berkeley, and from 2007-2013 I worked as Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA, and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. As Associate professor, I joined in 2013 the Max Planck Odense Centre in Denmark, and in 2017 the School of Demography at the Australian National University.

Research interests

- Causes of death modeling and forecasting remains among my most deep interests. I believe the future rise in life expectancy will still be heavily dependent on public health interventions, as it was the case in the past (sanitation, living standards, clean water, health-education, etc). However, also medical innovations will have a central part of this change. Demography, and more specifically the study of mortality by causes of death, will be at the center of this debate helping experts of other fields disentangle the contribution of the new advancements in both public health and clinical practices.

- Demography has a central role in the public debate because it informs about existent "Disparities" in populations. In the mortality/health research by causes of death mentioned above, I am also interested to study disparities occurring in time trends, for example the disproportional high levels of homicide mortality in Latin America, or existent mortality disparities among subpopulations, for example the mortality of people with mental disorders. Analyzing the mortality disparities among different education, social and other subpopulations is also a key part of my work.

- Formal demography or the existent mathematical relations between demographic measures is also at the core of my interests: I would intend to continue developing new demographic measures and methods that help explicate the observed population phenomena in humans.


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