Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the burning of fossil fuels as quickly and efficiently as possible is clearly vital to reduce the impacts of climate change. At the same time, energy systems are increasingly vulnerable to climate change impacts.

A key solution to these challenges is a world-wide shift to low-GHG emission forms of energy. Energy change that drives this transformation to a clean economy will also offer wider benefits to society by increasing economic productivity, and by improving energy access and security as well as via a range of health and environmental outcomes.

Energy research at ANU covers a broad portfolio ranging from the science and engineering of energy generation and energy efficiency, to energy economics, regulation, security, sociology and policy. A defining feature of the University's energy expertise is that it is both technology and policy neutral.

ICEDS brings together expertise in energy technologies and implementation expertise in the economic, legal, sociological and policy issues of energy change. This broad portfolio of research activity is unique nationally, and its integration with the climate and disaster risk portfolios will further increase the competitiveness of ANU.

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A photograph of the sun setting behind a field of wind turbines, with the sky a deep blue colour at the top, fading into orange on the horizon.

ANU Energy Update 2021 - Getting to Net Zero »

1pm 1 December

What role will the energy sector play in the journey to net zero emissions? the 2021 Energy Update explores this question, as well as recent developments in energy research and analysis.

ANU Solar Oration 2021

ANU Solar Oration 2021: The Solar Century – renewable energy’s role in a zero carbon future »

5.30pm 1 December

Join us for ANU Solar Oration 2021 to hear from Assistant Prof Marta Victoria and Assoc Prof Matt Stocks on upcoming potential for solar in the decarbonisation of the energy sector.

New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report: How can we limit global warming?

New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report: How can we limit global warming? »

6pm 6 April

Join us at this event to hear directly from several IPCC report authors about its key findings including how they relate to Australia.

Global energy transition and energy trade following Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Setting the Scene

Global energy transition and energy trade following Russia's invasion of Ukraine »

10.30am 23 May

This conference brings together experts to explore the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for energy transition and trade.

Energy Conversations: A clean transport strategy for the ACT

Energy Conversations: A clean transport strategy for the ACT »

4pm 16 June

Is Australia falling behind on clean transport and what options are available for consumers to get to zero on the road?

Book cover of The Superpower Transformation edited by Ross Garnaut

In conversation with Ross Garnaut »

6pm 19 October

Ross Garnaut will be in conversation with Frank Jotzo and Ligang Song on The Superpower Transformation: Building Australia's Zero-Carbon Future, which documents how Australia can become a leader in a world of zero net emissions.