Tony Webster

Visiting Fellow
ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions

Tony specialises in public policy and economics, impact analysis, complex reform frameworks, policy and program evaluation, and evidence based policy advising capabilities in public sector agencies. He has a particular passion for integrating the disciplines of economics and ecology in public policy.

Tony is Managing Director of Policy Partners Pty Ltd, providing economic, policy and management consulting services to public sector, industry, and not-for-profit organisations. He has also conducted professional development training in policy advising, policy writing and the management of policy projects.

Tony brings a broad experience to bear on complex economic and policy issues. His expertise covers diverse subjects such as revenue and expenditure aspects of Commonwealth budgeting, federal finances, competition policy, financial and performance frameworks, regulatory economics, taxation design, agriculture policy, environment policy, and capability assessment.

Tony is also Managing Director of Ecology Consulting Pty Ltd, which provides biodiversity assessments for small or large scale land developments, specialist ecology surveys for government agencies, discovery to support decision making around development or conservation, discovery and forensic activity for longitudinal conservation projects, and environmental management and on-ground support for State-significant infrastructure projects. Tony has extensive experience in relation to Landcare, agriculture, and biodiversity policy and practice.

Previously, Tony was a Commonwealth public servant for 24 years, principally as an economist and policy adviser in the Commonwealth Treasury. He was also Chief Economist at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, where he played a key role in the Basin Plan being adopted in 2012.