Assoc Prof Bob Webb

Honorary Associate Professor
ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions

After initial qualifications and research in science, Bob Webb held senior leadership positions in several large, complex and diversified organisations. This included General Manager positions in both the private sector (CSR Ltd) and public sector (Australian Trade Commission) and several Deputy Commissioner positions with the Australian Taxation Office; working in and across a number of disciplines including strategy and change management, large scale operational and program delivery, policy development, economics, finance, investment, information systems, operations research, and marketing and legal negotiations; and across a range of primary, energy, resource, manufacturing and service industry sectors in both public and private sector roles.

He joined the ANU Climate Change Institute and Fenner School of Environment and Society in 2009 as a Senior Fellow, to pursue research in climate change adaptation, with a focus on better linking adaptation practice, policy and research. He has also carried out research and published in the areas of sustainable urban development, transformational change and transdisciplinary processes.

Research interests

Bob has long standing interest and experience in

  • sustainable economic, social and environmental development
  • complex systems and change drivers
  • integrated policy development and implementation
  • organisational governance and decision making
  • stakeholder engagement, strategy development and transformational change.

Since joining the ANU Climate Change Institute and Fenner School of Environment and Society his primary areas of focus have been climate change adaptation, and sustainable urban development, with projects at the local, regional, national and international levels. These projects have involved synthesis and coordination across government, research and stakeholder interests, taking an integrated systems and trans-disciplinary approach.

He is also interested in the broader sustainable development agenda from both the scientific (e.g. earth systems science and planetary boundaries) and policy/practice perspectives (e.g. as co-leader of an Australian Academy of Science/ Future Earth Australia sustainable urban development initiative; pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and integration across research and policy domains).

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