2022 Cluster Highlights

Dr Robyn Alders

Research highlights


Dr Alders was also invited by DFAT to join the 'Building resilience through food security' panel on 21 September at the Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction (APMCDRR) Brisbane, Australia, 19-23 September 2022 (7-minute talking points).


Dr Rachael Rodney Harris

Research highlights

As part of the ANU-DISR (prev. DISER) partnership we completed a collaborative project exploring the barriers, enablers, and opportunities for the adoption of low emission agricultural practices in Australia. The findings of this work will have direct impact on new agricultural climate policy (the responsibility for which now sits within DCCEEW). The project involved a government secondee spending time at ICEDS as part of the research team. We gave a briefing of the findings to key DCCEEW staff (Land and Climate Active Branch, Emissions Reduction Division) in November and coming from this Rachael was invited to participate as a panellist at the Livestock Emissions Reduction Forum in December. The research team included Rachael Rodney Harris, Bronwyn Wilkes, Alex Brown (DISR/DCCEEW secondee) and Holley Jones.


Dr Steven Lade

Research highlights

The way we produce our food today means that many of the Earth system processes will amplify current problems rather than attenuating them. However, this also means that positive actions in one domain can cascade through to others through interactions. See publication below:

Chrysafi et al. Quantifying Earth system interactions for sustainable food production via expert elicitation, Nature Sustainability, 5, p830–842 (2022).


Dr Anika Molesworth

Awards and honours