Associate Professor Emma Aisbett

Associate Director (Research), ANU Grand Challenge: Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific
Associate Professor, ANU College of Law

Emma Aisbett is an Associate Professor at the School of Law and Associate Director (Research) for ANU Grand Challenge - Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific. Emma’s previous research spans economic globalization, environmental policy, developing countries, and political economy. She is best known for her work on international investment agreements where she has influenced both academic debate and policy. On this topic Emma has been an invited expert at both the OECD and the UN Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). She is also an approved supplier of policy advice to developing countries through the UK Governments TAF2+ initiative.

The Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge aims to provide research and engagement undpinning a rapid, just and sustainable transition to zero-carbon energy in the region. In particular, the project focusses on Australia's potential to contribute by exporting zero-carbon energy and zero-carbon-energy-rich products, as well as policies, frameworks, and technologies that can be use throughout the Asia-Pacific and beyond. More information on the Zero-carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge at

Emma contributes to the Zero-Carbon Energy Grand Challenge both as a researcher and as the  Associate Director (Research). In the latter role Emma uses her interdisciplinary background to enable social and physcial scientists, legals scholars and engineers create the inter- and trans-disciplinary research necessary to solve wicked problems like the Zero-carbon Energy Grand Challenge. Her own research on the project focusses on trade and investment aspects - particularly evolution of necessary international economic law and international political economy considerations.

Research interests

  • International investment governance
  • Trade-related climate policy
  • International Green Industrial Policy
  • Political economy of trade policy
  • International political economy
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