2022 Cluster Highlights

Dr Robyn Gulliver

Research highlights

First author key papers/chapers published in 2022: 

Books published in 2022:

Awards and honours

Dr Gulliver recieved a Highly Commended award in the inaugural Public Environmental History Prize, Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Environmental History Network for her project titled 'Women in the Environmental Movement from 1980.


Sarah Boddington


ICEDS has provided support to the launching of a new cross-faculty Seminar Series: Social Dimensions of Climate Change Transitions in Australia. This seminar series aims to build a community of practice for researchers and policy makers. Our first three seminars at the end of 2022 were on communicating about climate change, micro-grids and resilience, climate change anxiety and communities in transition. We will continue the seminar series into 2023.