2022 Cluster Highlights

Cluster highlights

There have been three gatherings since this cluster’s formation in mid-2022, with Dr Virginia Marshall and Kate Harriden as cluster co-convenors. The first meeting in May was mostly introductions and discussing initial group protocols, including gathering approximately every eight weeks. There was a decision to submit a research proposal to the upcoming ICEDS seed funding round.

Between gatherings we were advised that the cluster’s proposal had not been funded. At the August gathering it was agreed to find ways to progress the project, and some time was spent refining it. Attendees also decided that the next gathering would be a deep listening exercise.

In late November, approximately nine people gathered at the peninsular near the stepping stones across Sullivan’s creek and listened to country. Supported by pre-session materials (videos and a reading) and a discussion about what deep listening is musically and what listening to country is culturally, the participants were well-prepared to listen to Country live, through individual recorders. There was also a hydrophone recording under the surface of Sullivan’s creek!  Then we all went back to the School of Music for nibbles and to collectively listen to a grass tree burning. It was a lovely spring afternoon activity and it is likely something similar will happen in 2023.


Dr Bonnie McConnell

Research highlights

McConnell, B., & Jallow, S. (2022). Climate Change Adaptation in The Gambia: The Role of Kanyeleng Communication and Performance. African Studies Review, 65(3), 692-716. doi:10.1017/asr.2022.67