Professor Meghan Samantha Miller

Professor, Research School of Earth Sciences


Whittier College               Physics and Geology                             B.A. 1997 

Columbia University        Applied Geophysics                               M.Sc. 1999

Cornell University           Geological Science                                 M.Eng. 2000

Australian National University      Earth Science/Geophysics         Ph.D. 2006


California Institute of Technology – Visiting Associate, Pasadena, California, 2015-2016

University of Southern California – Assistant/Associate Professor, Los Angeles, California, 2009-2017

Rice University - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Houston, Texas 2006-2008

University of British Columbia - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2006-2008

Research interests

Most of my research focuses on tectonic plate boundaries, in particular subduction zones where oceanic plates are descending into the Earth’s deep interior, but are still relatively poorly understood.  These are regions where tectonic activity, as observed in seismicity and volcanism, is localized, making them natural targets of high scientific and societal relevance. As a complement to the dynamic, active plate boundary research, I also have an interest in understanding the structure of stable continental interiors as they provide the best long-term record of plate tectonic processes. 

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