Dr Rebecca Hamilton

Visiting Lecturer
School of Culture, History & Language

I am a physical geographer who uses geo-historic data to unravel how ecosystems, particularly biodiversity hotspots, respond to various drivers of change (notably climate, fire, and human disturbance) over long timescales. My specialization is in palynology, which is a sub-discipline of geography that uses plant pollen and spores as well as charcoal preserved in sediment layers to reconstruct past ecological change through time. I aim to use my research to support the conservation of resilient and thriving socio-ecological systems. 

I currently work as a research fellow at the Australian National University and the Max Planck Institute for Geoanthrology in Jena, Germany. My primary research forms of part of the ‘PANTROPOCENE’ research group, lead by Dr. Patrick Roberts, and focuses on assessing the degree to which combined pre-colonial/ colonial disturbance impacted the structure and composition of tropical rainforest in the bounds of the former Spanish Empire.


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