Dr Joice Mathew

Instrumentation Scientist
Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre

Expertise in space instrumentation for Astronomical and Earth observations. Experienced in electro-optical payload development, UV and IR instrumentation, payload calibration, space qualification, and instrument system engineering.

Areas of expertise:
• Space instrumentation
• Ultraviolet & Infrared instrumentation
• Astronomical instrumentation
• Electro-optical payloads design and development
• Systems Engineering
• Optical system design and analysis
• Detector (CCD, CMOS, and MCP) characterization and calibration
• Instrument Modelling and Simulation
• Assembly, integration, and testing of optical payloads
• Expertise in using interferometers, monochromators, and theodolites
• Expertise in carrying out experiments in class 100 cleanrooms
• Space qualification testing expertise
• Data Analysis

Research interests

Electro-optical payload development

Space instrumentation

Instrument modelling

UV and IR instrumentation

Space qualification testing