Dr Hedda Ransan-Cooper

Research Fellow

Hedda Ransan-Cooper is a researcher interested in the intersections between everyday life and global processes of change as they relate to sustainability problems and governance. Dr Ransan-Cooper is also passionate about the practice of doing transdiciplinary research for solving policy challenges. She has conducted research on environmental migration in the Philippines and the politics of coal seam gas in regional Australia. Her current role at CECS combines a range of research interests as researcher and project coordinator for the CONSORT project - an ARENA funded trial of renewable technology on Bruny Island, Tasmania. In this role, she is seeking to understand how people relate to a package of technology involving distributed, smart grid solar and battery resources. In her role as project coordinate, she is facilitating interdiciplinary and research-practioner linkages for improved research outcomes. She has published her research in Environmental SociologyGlobal Environmental Change and Safety Science

Research interests

Environmental sociology

Sociology of risk

Energy transitions

Environmental/climate change migration

Transdisciplinary research 

Social movements

Maslen, S., & Ransan-Cooper, H. (2017). Safety framing and compliance in relation to standards: Experience from the Australian gas pipeline industry. Safety Science94, 52–60. 

Ransan-Cooper H (2016) The role of human agency in environmental change and mobility: A case study of environmental migration in Southeast Philippines. Environmental Sociology.

Ransan-Cooper H, Farbotko C, McNamara K, Thornton F, Chevalier E (2015) Beings framed: The means and ends of framing environmental migrants. Global Environmental Change 35: 106-115.

Ransan-Cooper H, (2015) Negotiating Risk and Uncertainty: Internal Migration and Rural Villagers in Albay Province. Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints 63(4).