Dr Emily Macleod

Postdoctoral Fellow
Research School of Psychology

Dr Emily Macleod is a Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist at the Centre for Mental Health Research and the Australian National Child and Adolescent Trauma Network, at The ANU. She has research interests in disaster psychology and supporting children’s mental health and resilience. Her PhD was in Developmental Psychology, focusing on talking to children about their emotional experiences.

Dr Macleod is currently working on projects that include evaluating the effectiveness of a mental health literacy program for promoting wellbeing in primary school children, and understanding the impacts of bushfire and other disasters on mental health and resilience. She is also supporting the development of resources relating to disaster support for children and families.

Projects to link:


Evaluation of the Thriving Minds program in ACT primary schools | National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health

Research interests

  • Mental health and resilience in climate-related disaster contexts
  • Prevention and early intervention for mental health in children and young people
  • Supporting children and families in the context of disaster
  • Evaluation of early mental health interventions in school settings
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