Dr Barry Newell

Honorary Associate Professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society

I am a dynamicist with a focus on the nature of sustainable human-environment systems. My research career spans some 45 years, and includes experience in astronomy and astrophysics, management, operations research, mathematics education, and system dynamics. I have held research and teaching positions at Yale University, Kitt Peak National Observatory (Arizona), and the Australian National University. For the last 20 years I have worked on the development of practical approaches to integrative research and adaptation in complex situations. This work, which revolves around a blend of concepts from system dynamics and cognitive science, has been carried out in collaboration with community, student, academic, industrial and professional groups.

Research interests

1. The interactions between urban environments and human health and wellbeing

2. The development and dissemination of practical systems approaches

3. The impact of technology choice on the adaptive capacity of urban communities

4. The metaphorical nature of human understanding and the role of conceptual metaphor in communication, education, and integrative research