Assoc Prof Rowena Ball

Associate Professor
Mathematical Sciences Institute
Research School of Chemistry

I am an applied mathematician and physical chemist with broad research expertise in nonlinear and complex dynamical systems. My ARC Future Fellowship is entitled - “The charXive challenge and the clean coal quest: thermokinetic principles and methods for capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide." The next 50 years will be the era during which the world's fuels must be decarbonised. Endex thermoreactive principles, which I co-invented in the mid 1990s, are providing a novel technology for separating carbon from fuels and flue gases. I am developing a suite of Endex decarbonation technologies in collaboration with an industry partner, Calix Ltd, and with collaborators from Imperial College London, the University of Leeds, and CanMet Energy. Endex principles also underpin carbon capture from the atmosphere and have been used by nature for millions of years: the mechanism behind thermal decomposition of biomass is an Endex thermochemical oscillator that governs the distribution of carbon between the global solid black carbon reservoir and the atmospheric CO2 reservoir. My research is elucidating this mechanism. 

Research interests

The origin of life, Nonlinear and complex dynamical systems, Indigenous science, Endex thermoreactive systems, Thermochemical instabilities, Exergy analysis, Entropy generation analysis, Carbon sequestration via charcoal, Global carbon cycles, Railways and trains, Country pub lunches.

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