Climate, malnutrition must have a place in trade talks

Image: Pixabay
5 February 2020

Global trade talks are silent on three of the world's most pressing issues -- malnutrition, obesity and climate change - researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) say.

According to their research, trade agreements are currently constraining nations' ability to address these issues.

Lead researcher Professor Sharon Friel from the School of Regulation and Global Governance says there's a mismatch between the goals of major trade agreements, and policy recommendations related to food systems, good nutrition and climate change.

"The big question is how we can change this," Professor Friel said.

"We need to make sure health and climate interests are represented in discussions about trade and investment.

"How you talk about it is really important - it's not enough to just say 'we've got to include nutrition in trade agreements', that doesn't cut it.

"We need to bring climate change, nutrition and trade together, and at the global level while there's a political appetite for it.

"Australia is in a position to be quite influential in these discussions."

Read the full article on the ANU website, featuring commentary by Prof Sharon Friel