Australian Energy Emissions Monitor - April 2022

Photo: Shutterstock Coal fired power plant
12 April 2022

The Australian Energy Emissions Monitor  is a bi-monthly publication of the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions, providing timely analysis of the most recent trends in energy related greenhouse gas emissions. The publication is intended as a service to Australia’s energy community.

The main feature of the April 2022 issue is a broader look at the progress (and indeed lack of progress) in energy emissions of Australia as a whole. For the first time it includes near complete data on Western Australia. It also includes a more detailed look at the progress each state is making in transitioning its electricity supply system towards zero emissions.

Key points covered in this edition of the Monitor include:

  • The five states of eastern Australia collectively reached their peak energy emissions ten years ago in early 2012, and since then they have fallen by 12%. All of this reduction is attributable to the 29% fall in electricity generation emissions since 2008; emissions from petroleum products and gas have both increased.
  • In Western Australia, by contrast, energy emissions continue to increase, because growth in emissions from petroleum products and gas has outweighed very modest decreases in electricity generation emissions.
  • The National Electricity Market is thus the only source of significant energy emissions reduction in Australia. In the year to March 2022, grid scale renewable generation was just under 25% of total generation, and all renewable generation, including rooftop solar was just under 34%.


Download the Australian Energy Emissions Monitor and associated data for April 2022.