Nanduni Nimalsiri

Research School of Engineering

Nanduni Nimalsiri is a Ph.D. student in the ANU Research School of Engineering, supported by ANU college and Data61. She is an enthusiast in Computer Science and finds it closely tailored to her personality. Of course, she is expressly passionate about applying engineering principles in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

She is currently in her first year of PhD in Energy Optimization, supervised by Prof. Saman Halgamuge (ANU), Dr. David Smith (Data61), Dr. Marnie Shaw (ANU), Dr. Elizabeth Ratnam (UC Berkeley) and Dr. Chathurika Mediwaththe (ANU).  Her PhD research focuses on the development of algorithmic approaches for Demand Side Management (DSM) in Smart Grid, specially aimed at sustainable development. She currently researches on distributed algorithms for Electric Vehicle charging control in smart grid. Her research interests centre around developing algorithms using Optimization, Game Theory, Operational Research and Machine Learning.

Nanduni holds a Degree of Bachelor of the Science (Honours) of Engineering, specialized in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Moratuwa, where she scored a First Class and placed in Dean's list for all the semesters. She was awarded the CINTEC Award for her final year project on Real time human head pose estimation for augmented reality mobile applications, supervised by Dr. Chandana Gamage.

She was also a GSoC winner at 2016, and successfully completed a project with KDE, which is a proudly part of the open source community.  In this project, she collaborated for developing UX/UI and functionality overhaul for Inqlude, under the supervision of Cornelius Schumacher, who is the Engineering Manager at SUSE.  She did her undergraduate internship at WSO2, under the supervision of Lakmal Warusawithana, Senior Director - Cloud Architecture. She also worked as a Visiting Instructor at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Moratuwa. While doing her bachelor's degree, she was fortunate to receive a scholarship from Professor Mohan Munasinghe who is the Founder and Chairman of Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND) which is an organization aimed at making the development more sustainable. Prior to commencing her postgraduate studies at ANU, she worked in IT industry as a Software Engineer for one year. She maintains her blog at Medium.