Intifar Chowdhury

PhD Candidate and Associate Lecturer
School of Politics & International Relations

Ms. Intifar Sadiq Chowdhury is a PhD Candidate at the Australian National University’s (ANU) School of Politics and International Relations. Her research tackles the important question of whether young people are turning away from democracy. It constitutes a quantitative enquiry on advanced democracies using survey data from comparative databases. Prior to this, Intifar obtained a double degree in Science (Biochemistry/Genetics) and International Relations (Honours) at the ANU. Currently, she works as a data archivist at the Australian Data Archive (ADA).

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Research interests

Comparative politics, youth politics, quantitative methods, survey research, public opinion and behaviour, Australian politics

Chowdhury, I.S., 2021, "Are young Australians turning away from democracy?" Australian Journal of Political Science, 1-18.

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Winter 2021

Co-convener, ANU

- POLS2111: Elections, Political Behaviour and Public Opinion in Australia with Prof. Ian McAllister and Dr. Katrine Beauregard


Teaching Assistant, University of Sydney

- GOVT6150: Challenges of Democratic Politics (postgraduate course)

2019 - 2021

Head Tutor and Teaching Assistant, ANU

- POLS1009: Research and Writing in Political Science

- POLS2126: Democracy and Dictatorship


Panelist in the “In Conversation With…” series with Prof. Paul Francis

- Topic: Teaching Philosophies and Journeys of Early and Late-Career Academics