Timothy Weber

Research Officer, ANU 100% Renewable Energy Team

Tim is a Research Officer with the Australian National University’s 100% Renewable Energy Team. He is currently undertaking research into 100% renewable electricity pathways, developing the Global Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Atlas algorithm, and modelling firming provided by electrical energy storage systems. Tim completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in 2021 and received First Class Honours for his research on energy arbitrage modelling for utility-scale batteries and pumped hydro storage systems in the National Electricity Market. He has a background working on the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target operations and supporting the team that is delivering the Australian Government’s Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin pilot project.

Research interests

  • Renewable energy policy
  • Electrical energy storage systems
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Renewable product certification and guarantees of origin
  • Energy market modelling