Professor Kerry Taylor

BSc (Hons 1) UNSW and PhD ANU
Professor (Data Science)

Professor Taylor joined the Australian National University in January 2016.  She spent the previous six months working on a UN 'big data' project with Australian Bureau of Statistics,  after 20 years at CSIRO as a principal research scientist  in the polyonymous IT research division. She has also worked as an IT practioner in consulting, publishing, education and government, in Sydney, Montreal and Oxford. 

Her research has focused on data management, integration, mining and machine learning in interdisciplinary contexts, especially employing logic-based and semantic approaches. Much of her recent work addresses data issues in IoT.

She has lectured in logic programming,  networking, software engineering  and agile project management.  Currently she lectures in data mining and convenes the ANU's postgraduate programs in applied data analytics.  From 2015-2017 she co-Chaired the joint Spatial Data on the Web working group of the W3C and the OGC.

Prof Taylor is a Visiting Reader at the University of Surrey UK, and has been a Visiting Fellow at University of Melbourne. She serves on the Editorial boards of Knowledge-Based Systems and  International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks and many conference programme committees including ISWC, ESWC, and WWW.