Jamin Xiongzhi Wang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Crawford School of Public Policy

Dr Jamin Xiongzhi Wang is a postdoctoral research fellow at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, working with A/Prof. Rebecca Colvin on an ARC Discovery Project (i.e., The effect of unconventional advocates on public support for Australian climate policy). Jamin is interested in how to promote broad-based public support and actions on climate change and nature conservation more broadly. In his PhD project, Jamin examines psychological ownership in natural contexts as a way to achieve the goal of encouraging pro-environmental outcomes among different segments of the population. With general research interests in environmental social psychology, climate policy, and climate change communication, Jamin is keen to create positive changes for the natural environment and society.

Research interests

Environmental social psychology

Climate policy

Climate change communication

Behavioural sciences