Dr Sachin Surve

MSc, PhD
Research Officer, Solar Energy

Sachin Surve received the PhD degree in applied physics (specialized in photonics) from Victoria University, Melbourne, in 2004.  At ANU Sachin is involved with setting-up laser laboratories and laser-based processes for solar applications.  His current research interests include implementing novel laser-based applications in semiconductor, photovoltaic and other relevant technologies.

Research interests

  • Photonics: laser-based processing systems, fibre-optic sensors, fibre optic interferometers, In-fibre Bragg gratings and components, DPSS and Gas lasers, interferometric/holographic optical assemblies/alignments.
  • Semiconductor: lithography processes, mask-less lithography, fabricating binary and greyscale photomasks, evaporation/dry-etching mask design and fabrication.
  • Photovoltaic: Laser-based processes for fabricating solar cells, developing customised solar cell modules for research purposes, characterising modules using solar cell simulators, characterising solar cells using photoluminescence, electroluminescence, internal/external quantum efficiency techniques and accelerated testing of modules.