Dr Peter Kreider

Research Fellow
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

2015     PhD Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University

2010     BS Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder

My research interests lie at the interface of materials science and chemical reaction engineering. I aspire to develop novel materials with tailored chemical and physical properties for specific applications and to study the interplay between a material’s abilities and its end use to help solve global engineering problems. Many fundamental phenomena and critical industrial processes rely on physicochemical interactions at surfaces and interfaces, including advanced manufacturing. Those interactions are at the core of many process development hurdles and outstanding research questions in the field of advanced materials. The combination of tailored material properties and structures along with insight into the processes that depend on those materials creates a platform for unlocking novel processing options with enhanced performance and capability. My research vision revolves around developing these engineered systems for producing the functional materials and devices of the future.

Research interests

  • Functional materials
  • Advanced composities and functional coatings
  • Nanomaterials
  • Energy and fuels
  • Chemical reaction engineering