Dr Hayley Henderson

Research Fellow, Institute for Infrastructure in Society
Crawford School of Public Policy

Dr Hayley Henderson is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Infrastructure in Society (I2S), based at the Crawford School of Public Policy. She researches how urban policies and infrastructure programs are developed and implemented with a focus on social value, including through collaborative forms of urban governance that involve diverse stakeholders, multiple jurisdictions, and levels of government. She studies urban revitalisation, urban river catchment planning, and other types of major projects in cities. Dr Henderson is an engaged researcher who works with partners, predominantly in the public sector or multilateral agencies, to design research with a strong emphasis on research-practice integration and implementation. She has taught into planning and public policy programs in Melbourne and Buenos Aires over the last decade, including subjects relating to social planning, urban planning theory, practice and governance. In her role at ANU, Hayley is the convenor of Public Policy in Cities (POGO8132), offered to students of the Master of Public Policy and Master of Public Administration.

Research interests

• The social value of urban plans and infrastructure programs in cities.

• Social risk and major infrastructure projects.

• Collaborative urban governance, particularly of urban revitalisation, urban river catchment planning and other major projects.

• Sustainable approaches to urban river catchment planning.

• Interjurisdictional dynamics in federal systems.

• The municipal level in urban planning.

• Social policy in urban planning (inc. cultural diversity).

• Informality.

• Comparative urbanism.

Dr Henderson conducts engaged research through partnerships and other forms of collaboration. Through co-research, the methods adopted involve early and long-term engagement between researchers and practitioners (e.g. public policymakers, program funders, community organisations, representative bodies). In terms of data collection, Dr Henderson often conducts case studies and has employed:

• Delphi Technique;

• Focus groups;

• Interviews;

• Participant observation;

• Document analysis (particularly of policy documents); and

• Basic statistical analysis.