Dr Doudou Zhang

Research Fellow
ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics


  • Solar-driven electrochemical energy conversion
  • Earth-abundant, environmentally friendly transition-metal and metal oxide/hydroxides/oxyhydroxides for electrocatalysis
  • High activity, cost-effective thin films as cocatalysts decorated on semiconductors for solar fuels conversion
  • Nanostructured catalysts for electrocatalysis


Dr Zhang is a researcher in the solar fuels by water splitting and solar hydrogen projects at ANU.


Dr Doudou Zhang obtained her PhD degree at Shaanxi Normal University in 2018, and was jointly supervised by academics at the Dalian Institute of Chemical and Physics. Dr Zhang also completed a six-month term as an exchange PhD student at the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering in University of New South Wales in 2018. Dr Zhang has worked as a Research Fellow at the Australian National University since 2019.

Activities & Awards

Invited regular reviewer for international high impact journals such as ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesNanoscale Advances, and Nano Select.

Invited keynote speaker for the 2019 International Symposium on Energy Conversion and Storage Materials in Brisbane, the 2019 Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference in Canberra, and the 2021 MRS conference held virtually. For more information on research activities, please see this link.