Dr Anita Peerson

Knowledge Broker, Institute for Water Futures

Dr Anita Peerson is the IWF Knowledge Broker. She has a background in health social sciences, with a focus on public health and food systems. During her career, she has undertaken policy, research, education, engagement and partnership roles in diverse workplaces including universities, health services, government departments, NGOs and community groups. She has lived and worked in distinct Australian communities - urban, rural, coastal and remote, and also travelled extensively overseas. These lived experiences have provided insights into environmental, economic and social issues affecting nations, regions and communities and have led to advocacy and collaborative opportunities with community groups and other stakeholders.

Anita’s current role addresses knowledge brokering - the sourcing and circulation of knowledge for the IWF and its partner the Southern NSW Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub (SNSW Hub). Anita liaises with researchers to facilitate communication, relationship-building, collaboration and potential projects with SNSW Hub partner agencies, and within regions and communities.