Dr Thao Linh Tran

Research Fellow, Cyclogenesis
ANU Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions/Research School of Earth Sciences

Thao Linh Tran is a meteorologist, passionate about conducting and delivering impactful climate sciences research to help to protect and improve human life. She joined the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions in October 2022 as a research fellow, based at the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences. Her current research focuses on better understanding the physical mechanisms and prediction of tropical cyclogenesis, intensity, trajectory; and tropical cyclone interventions using coupled atmosphere-ocean models.

Her PhD research focused on investigating characteristics of landfalling tropical cyclones (i.e., intensity, sizes, speed, track, precipitation structure) and their physical impacts in Southeast Asia from the past into the warming future using observations, satellite-inferred data, and pseudo-global warming numerical simulations.

Prior to her PhD, Linh worked as a broadcast meteorologist and science communicator in the television industry. She produced disaster breaking news series to warn people of natural disasters, help prevent losses and raise awareness of self-aware and prevention. She joined the World Meteorological Organization's global media campaigns to make climate sciences more accessible to communities.