What the ACT needs to do to get to zero emissions faster

A photograph of a wind turbine in a field, with two other wind turbines in the background.
13 June 2021

The ACT should buy more renewable electricity than it needs, hold reverse auctions to upgrade household heating and offer substantial subsidies to accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles, according to ANU researcher Andrew Blakers.

The Director of the ANU Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems, Professor Blakers also poured cold water on what he called the hydrogen hype when giving evidence to the Legislative Assembly Inquiry into Renewable Energy Innovation in the ACT.

Professor Blakers, best known for co-inventing sliver solar cell technology, told the Standing Committee on Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity that while the ACT was doing better than other states in reducing greenhouse emissions, it needed to go much faster to meet its goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2045.

He said the next steps were the transition to electric vehicles and electric space and water heating in buildings, homes and waste treatment.

“We need to move very quickly in respect of all three because there are long lag times,” he said.

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