Scott Morrison's gas plan is an arrogant, irresponsible disaster

A worker in orange high-vis at a gas plant.
17 September 2020

The only rival to the arrogance of Morrison's gas-led recovery strategy is its irresponsibility.

So much for evidence-based policy as a foundation for good, responsible government.

There is no evidence to support the expansion of gas-fired generation in today's world, where renewables are decidedly cheaper, and with negligible emissions.

About 30 years ago when I first got active in the climate debate - and when renewable energy was significantly more expensive - gas had merit as a transition fuel, offering 40-60 per cent less emissions than coal-fired power (depending on whether it was black or dirtier brown coal). This is no longer the case.

The only commercial role for new gas projects today is for small-scale back up.

Banks will not fund large-scale gas generation and insurers won't insure it.

The plant would be a stranded asset within a decade.

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