Scott Morrison is irresponsible to duck debate on climate bill

15 July 2021

The Morrison Government is employing both whitewashing - to intentionally hide its irresponsibility on climate - and greenwashing - to falsely create the impression that it has a climate transition strategy - with little substance just hubris and spin.

The government would have us believe we are leading the world in emissions reductions, based on the development and deployment of world-class technologies.

Nothing could be further from reality.

Global surveys clearly define us as a laggard.

We received the lowest ranking out of 57 countries surveyed in the 2020 Climate Change Performance Index, and second-worst on climate action, out of 177 countries, in the 2020 UN Sustainable Development Report.

If the government was confident of its position, it would surely be willing to participate in a Parliamentary debate on the magnitude and urgency of the climate challenge.

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Photo credit: Number 10/Flickr