Podcast: Beyond declaring a climate emergency

Image: Flikr Bert Knottenbeld Bushfire
15 November 2019

On this special Policy Forum Pod, our Great Green Debate dream team returns to the arena to field the remaining questions from our live-event audience, tackling the politicisation of climate change, how communities can make a difference, and the role of peaceful disruptive protest in changing policy.  

As the nation is ravaged by bushfire and drought, and as yet another political row breaks out over the role of climate change in all this, our Great Green Debate all-star team comes back for the second leg of the Great Green Debate cup clash. On this episode, Shane Rattenbury MLA, Dr Liz Hanna, and Dr Imran Ahmad take on a wide range of audience-submitted questions from our recent live event, looking at why it is high time to speak about climate change in the context of Australia’s dramatic bushfires, how we can ensure a just energy transition, and what peaceful protests can really do to spur climate action. Listen here: http://bit.ly/gtgreendebate2

For more information visit https://www.policyforum.net/podcast-beyond-declaring-a-climate-emergency/