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20 March 2023

On Monday 20 March 2023, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Synthesis Report, the final product from its last seven years of reporting. The report integrates all IPCC reports from the current cycle to provide a comprehensive understanding of climate change drivers, impacts, and adaptation and mitigation responses.

Below is a summary of events and media featuring ANU researchers involved with the report.


Professors Mark Howden and Frank Jotzo from The Australian National University, and Professor Malte Meinshausen from The University of Melbourne are the three Australian contributors to the IPCC Synthesis Report. In the following videos, they provide an outline of the top messages from the report including the 'adaptation gap', emissions reductions pathways, and the impact of policy on current and future emissions reductions. This briefing session was hosted by the Australian Science Media Centre:



Fear and Wonder podcast: how scientists know the climate is changing, The Conversation, 23 March.


The IPCC Synthesis Report: Key findings from this 7-year cycle

Hear directly from Australians involved in preparing and approving this report about its key findings, and the urgent action required to address the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

Watch the event recording 

Pacific Dialogue on IPCC Synthesis Report: Key Findings from this 7-year cycle

This regional dialogue will bring people together from across the Pacific region to discuss what we have learnt from the last 7 years of IPCC reporting

Thursday 13 April

7-10am AEST

Fiji and online

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News and commentary highlights

'Early days' for ACT climate adaptation as Australia fails to keep pace, The Canberra Times, 22 March. 

Solar and wind still best bets for deep, rapid and low cost emission cuts, Renew Economy, 22 March.

IPCC scientists issue a "final warning" before global warming exceeds the point of no returnABC 7.30 (video), 21 March 

'It can be done. It must be done': IPCC delivers definitied report on climate change and where to now, The Conversation, 21 March.

We have everything we need to fix the climate crisis. But we need to do it now, The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 March.

'Up the proverbial creek': Gen Z set for huge climate hit, Courier Mail, 21 March.

"We all need to eat": building climate-resilient food systems in the Pacific, ICEDS website, 21 March.

IPCC: Time is running out to stay under 1.5 degrees, ABC RN (audio), 21 March.

'Climate time bomb ticking', emissions must urgently be cut, UN Chief says, Reuters, 21 March.

Kids born today face a far more extreme future than their parents and grandparents say scientists, Cosmos, 21 March.

'This can be done': UN's message on net-zero deadlines'This can be done': UN's message on net-zero deadlines, MSN, 21 March.

Our last climate chance: Act now on ‘everything, everywhere, all at once’, The Brisbane Times, 20 March.