International review of vehicle-to-grid technology: An interview with Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, ANU

There are 51 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles involved in the study at ANU. Charging points at the front of a Nissan Leaf electric car.
1 March 2021

ARENA Insights - An interview with Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, Research Leader, Battery Storage & Grid Integration Program, ANU

The Realising Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Services (REVS) project seeks to unlock the full economic and grid benefits of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services in Australia. The REVS project will install 51 bi-directional chargers and deploy a fleet of 51 V2G capable vehicles in the ACT. A system will monitor charger and vehicle availability, as well as a range of electrical parameters, which will enable the delivery of market contingency Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) at a fleet scale.

The project aims to demonstrate V2G technology providing contingency FCAS to the NEM, complemented with a holistic roadmap for the mass deployment of the full value stack of V2G services.

This will lead to new V2G enabled service offerings for fleets and residential customers. As part of the project, knowledge sharing partner ANU are delivering studies and reports to assist all the various actors from the transport and electricity sectors to understand the roles and opportunities V2G technology brings for them.

In this interview, Bjorn Sturmberg discusses ‘The A to Z of V2G’ report, which provides a comprehensive review of international V2G projects, exploring the benefits and challenges of V2G technology.

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