Households are being urged to curb their carbon emissions — but it's businesses and governments that can make the biggest difference

A photograph of the Dudney family standing next to their white car, in front of their beige brick house.
30 May 2021

The Dudney family of Perth are among a small but growing section of the Australian community taking climate change into their own hands.

The family, who live in the northern suburbs, have made some key changes that have brought their carbon emissions down to well below the Australian household average.

"Probably the first thing I want to say is, we're not perfect, " laughs Ange Dudney.

"But we are trying. Since 2016, I think we've made a lot of changes."

The couple acknowledge they are fortunate to have been able to afford solar panels, and they recently purchased an electric car.

But they say other changes they have made have cost nothing and, in some cases, have saved them money.

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