Heatwave conditions could be fatal for outdoor workers if temperature cut-off not introduced, expert says

18 January 2019

More outdoor workers could die if legal obligations to keep them safe in extreme heat stay "vague" and "ambiguous", experts say.
The decision for businesses to send staff home during heatwaves remains mostly at their own discretion, with only a loose commitment under Australian law to "take reasonable steps" to keep their workers safe.
But, with a heatwave currently sweeping much of the country, there are calls for tighter protections — including a temperature cut-off for work in certain industries.
Calls for action in this area have been ongoing for decades, but experts warn the issue is more important than ever due to climate change.
Key points:
Some guidelines encourage sending workers home when the temperature reaches 37C
Calls for a temperature cut-off or regular medical checks
Workers often feel pressured to stay and considered "weak" if they leave
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